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January 18, 2021

Blue Monday

'How are you feeling?'
This may well be the most important question we can ask each other after this long and challenging year. It can be a difficult one to answer though if, like me, your moods are pretty much interchangeable.

Tea in bed...😊

Year 8 Maths... 🤔

Can't find the laptop charger (again).. 😣

Joe Wicks PE...😍

No food delivery slot so have to line up outside Co-op in the rain..😒

Juggling homeschooling with work...🥱

It being the third Monday in January and you can't explain it but you just feel a little blue? ... 😢

This time of year can always make us feel a little bit down. Festivities are over for another year, our wallets and jeans are feeling the pinch and in some silly, well meaning Twixmas moment you decided to give up the one thing that usually gets you through January- alcohol!
With so many people feeling vulnerable to these January blues there really has never been a better time to reach out and offer a cheerful word or a sympathetic virtual shoulder to cry on. You might just have more of an impact than you could have ever expected.

A card is such a simply way to spread a little joy. Inexpensive and very thoughtful. This one is my favourite.


Remind someone of what a superstar they are with this gorge star print scarf. Part of our fashion sale!


Aurina Pleated Stars Scarf - Aurina Ltd

For that NHS hero. Remind her that we are all so grateful..

Treat them to a cuppa whilst you facetime.

Dachsie Bone China Breakfast Cup and Saucer - Aurina Ltd

If you're thinking of sending a loved one some flowers to brighten up their day, consider also gifting them one of our gorgeous Aurina Print Jugs. They really do look beautiful bursting with flowers. Hetty Hare in spring with Daffodils is always my favourite.


Of course, the most important thing you can give to anyone facing a hard time this January is your time and thoughts. Pick up the phone, connect via zoom or meet for a socially distanced walk. The end is now well and truly in sight so let's gang together and walk through this final storm.

With Love,
Aurina x

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