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January 28, 2021

Jack Valentine 

This year we've got pretty used to things being dropped off outside our doors and the kindly delivery person making their hasty escape.

Our Tesco shop, that millionth Amazon parcel (who's counting right?) ... that toilet roll from a neighbour in the first lockdown.. (which we've both promised to never mention again...)

But did you know that by engaging in these rather necessary Covid measures we were also somewhat mirroring a very sweet and very Norfolk tradition?
For those of you who don't know the story of Jack Valentine then let me enlighten you. Not dissimilar from Father Christmas, the Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy; Jack Valentine would, by the shadow of darkness, deliver gifts to lovers and loved ones alike. Luckily, in guidance with government guidelines, Jack Valentine would not enter your home. He also has never required you to leave out snacks making him significantly lower maintenance than Santa...

He would simply leave a gift or very occasionally (for those who had been terribly naughty) a trick upon your doorstep on the evening of the 13th of February, before running away into the night! 

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And for us here in Burnham Market we thought that if there was ever a time to bring back this lovely old tradition and put some smiles back on faces then why not now?! Most of you know that Burnham market is blessed with a multitude of gorgeous, independent shops and we've got together to offer a Valentine's hamper and delivery service whereby you can select lovely things from different shops and have them delivered to your valentine on Valentine's eve.


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You'll be able to find the full list of independent shops involved and all the other information you might need at,  but here are a few of my favorites!

Satchell's Wine Merchants has been around maybe even longer than Jack Valentine himself and they have such a wonderful selection of gorgeous wines and bubbles! In really wouldn't be Valentine's day without!

If you do decide to treat your loved one to some lovely vino it only makes sense to also order a cheese board from NoTwenty9. A lovingly put together selection of cheeses, chutneys and choccies!

If you're going more traditional and are buying a Valentine's gift for a child then look no further than Little Sunshine Toys! Super sweet and eco friendly too! What's not to love?

For that loved one with a sweet tooth, Number33 bakery are whipping up some simply divine heart shaped cakes- available in chocolate and red velvet... I'll be giving both a try!

Of course, if you're reading this then you are likely to be one of our fabulous Aurina customers and you'll be pleased to know that we're taking part too! We have a multitude of lovely Valentine's gifts for him or her, as well as all our usual Aurina products you know and love! 

Here are a few of my favs!

Love Beads Bracelet - Aurina LtdThe Split Woven Belt - Aurina Ltd

      Love Beads Bracelet £13.95               The Split Woven Belt £35

Cotton Boxer Shorts - Aurina Ltd

Aqua Chalcedony Necklace - Aurina LtdAqua Chalcedony Necklace £29.95              Cotton Boxer Shorts £15

Faux Fur Tippet - Aurina Ltd

Middle Aged Man in Lycra Set  £25                       Faux Fur Tippet £14.95


Beige Pom Pom Collar Jumper - Aurina LtdCitrus Grove Candle - Aurina Ltd

Beige Pom Pom Collar Jumper £59.95     Citrus Grove Candle £25

As an independent shop owner I think I can safely speak for us all in saying we are so grateful for all the support we have received from new and returning customers over the last 12 months. Supporting your high street right now is the best gift you can possibly give and for that WE LOVE YOU!

Sequin Card Big Love - Aurina Ltd
Sequin Card Big Love £3.99
Happy Valentine's Day!
With Love,
Aurina x

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