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January 14, 2021

January 14th - National 'Organise your Home' Day

I don't know about you, but after Christmas I spend a couple of weeks living like a bomb has hit me. There's inevitably more 'stuff' in the house- games, gifts, left over wrapping paper, an embarrassing amount of wine bottles, things with wheels to trip over, things that meow also to trip over- not to mention that my Christmas decorations tend to expand by 30% when I finally decide to put them back in the exact same box they came out the attic in!

Add to all that the shell shocked eyes of a woman, who after a Christmas entertaining three kiddies got told she has to homeschool till March and you can pretty much visualise the entire scene!

But here we are, 2 weeks into 2021 and it's finally time to organise (hide) everything. Here's how I'm doing it!

Apple Box Seat
This Box seat never goes out of style! It's always remained a firm favourite with you lovely lot! It's simply gorgeous in a hallway or a boot room and keeps those spaces clear and tidy as we all know how wellie boots do have a tendency to procreate if left to their own devices! Each box is made to order in Norfolk and can be ordered in a selection of our lovely jubbly Aurina prints.

Laundry Basket
Despite my best attempts at explaining to the contrary, my kids are still under the impression that dirty washing takes itself to the washing machine. For a couple of particularly pungent socks, this was very nearly the case! This fantastically vibrant laundry basket has been a godsend! Bright enough to catch even the most selective of pre teenage eyes!

African Woven Baskets
Recently our Car Key Monster has become bolder, his terror spree knows no bounds. Keys that were but a moment ago hanging from the hook, abducted, to be found under sofa cushions or in coat pockets you could have sworn you'd already checked. These lovely African woven baskets are great for having by the door and keeping that naughty monster at bay!

Peg Bag
You know you're a fully fledged grown up when you get excited over a peg bag but this one is so charming! This pretty little peg bag makes the laundry less of a chore! The peg bags have a zip to stop those pesky pegs flying away or running off on adventures!

Butter Box
Anyone with 'nearly teens' knows that sometimes the breakfast table is like the African Savanna! Ravenous beasts with bushy manes descend upon the kitchen leaving carnage in their wake! Don't let an open butter wrapper be one of them! This gorgeous Butter Box is so sweet and would suit both rustic and contemporary kitchens!

Happy hiding folks!
With Love,
Aurina x

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