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July 22, 2020

Remember back at the beginning of lockdown when spending 24 hours a day with your partner was still new and exciting? Back before just the sound of their chewing alone could send you into an uncontrollable rage?

Whilst most of our clothes are feeling a little snug due to one too many slices of homemade banana bread, there are a fair few couples leaving lockdown with more than just a semi-serious soda bread addiction.

Okay, so the predicted baby boom of 2020 hasn’t quite turned out to be true.. and let’s be honest, bad home haircuts and four months without a wax appointment hardly screams romance to most, but if you are leaving lockdown with a bun in the oven (and not one of the sourdough variety) then this is the perfect time to get nesting!


Gender neutral

Baby blue for a boy and pink for a girl has never felt so passé and it’s not just colours this year that have been given a gender neutral overhaul! Gender neutral baby names are also incredibly popular . This is fab news for couples who struggle to find more than one name they can both agree on as well as those who want to prepare without missing out on the surprise! A personalised wall sticker can really add the special touch to a nursery. We particularly love Gerald the Giraffe and Jemima Duck for a nursery! Perfect whether you’re having an Alexander or Alexandra!


Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings and textures are essential when planning a nursery and a rug is the perfect place to start. We at Aurina absolutely love the Quatrefoile rug in yellow. It’s bright and sunny yet neutral enough to suit any space. The hand knotted cotton is soft and cosy underfoot… perfect for creeping in for that ‘one last look’.

We all know that grey and yellow work so well together and our Grey Cotton Throw is the perfect nursery accessory. Great for snuggling up baby or perhaps even daddy when he falls asleep on night-time milk duty!


Natural Storage Heroes

We simply adore this bamboo bench. It really is the most perfect nursery multi tasker! Comfortable and chic whilst also providing storage to house clothing, nappies or toys.

If cool and simplistic is your nursery vibe, look no further than this gorgeous Seagrass Basket Set. Super handy for storing toys and keeping your nursery a calm and serene space!



Lighting is so important for giving your nursery ambience . Our Aurina Bespoke lamp shades are the perfect edition to any room but work especially well for a nursery! You can order these shades in any of our fabrics and in 6 different sizes! Mix or match with your Aurina wall sticker!

Fairy lights work so well in a nursery! They are great for giving a space warmth and your little one comfort. Our LED battery lights are on fabulously delicate copper or silver wire and are just perfect for twisting around furniture or putting in a jar for a warm glow.



Something Special

Okay, this one is really quite special! This Bankuan Grass Toy Pram is utterly gorgeous! The woven grass is both vintage and ultra-modern in style! A great gift for parents to be or treat yourself. It’s timeless style would most certainly make the most charming family heirloom!


We know that this year has been a crazy one and may feel like an overwhelming time to be extending your family . Planning a nursery should be such an exciting project, so whether you’re repurposing your lockdown office room or your toilet roll hoarding space, we look forward to seeing you at Aurina soon!

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