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July 03, 2020


What are your perfect summer moments?

For us here at Aurina it’s those long, balmy days on a freshly cut lawn, a glass of something chilled (and preferably sparkling) in hand and a giggle with good friends. Whilst the summer parties of yore may be little but a distant memory, all is not lost! Just a little al- fresco dining can feel super special -especially after the last few months of monotony. So whether you’re venturing just out into the garden or heading slightly further afield, Aurina has everything you need to get your picnic off with a pop!


The Picnic Bag

Remember those days of yesteryear when we used to pack up our suitcases, full of anticipation and excitement?! Us either! These days just popping to Co-op to do the weekly shop can feel a little like a mini break! Whilst a picnic is never going to compensate for those two cancelled weeks in Lake Como, just the anticipation of preparing for a day out can give you some of those holiday feels! Our Leather Handle Jute Bag is wonderfully affordable and just screams sophisticated picnic. Personalise with embroidery or vinyl for yourself or as a gift!



The Picnic Blanket

Throwing down your blanket is kind of like throwing down the picnic gauntlet. It says, Come at me ants, torrential rain and leg cramp, I am ready for you!Joking aside, your picnic blanket becomes your outside living room. It’s your seating and your table. It’s where the nibbles and the natters happen! We love this pale yellow throw! It’s soft but hardwearing and the tassels give it a lovely, ethnic vibe.




The Pitcher

Let’s be honest, nothing says picnic like Pimms! Loaded up with cucumber and ice and finished off with strawberries and mint from the garden! Get the kiddies involved in the picking and then keep the drinking all for yourself! Our Acrylic Pitcher jug in an array of gorgeous colours is just the ticket for this perfect summer beverage! Enjoy from our matching or perhaps if you’re feeling daring, mismatched tumblers!




During this crazy time, one good news story has continued to pop up! Whether dolphins in the canals of Venice is ‘fake news’ or not, it cannot be denied that the natural world has breathed a big ol’ sigh of relief whilst most of the world has been in lockdown. Picnics have long held a bad rep as being unsustainable. People think of bins overflowing with single use plastic but this really does not have to be the case. Our Melamine range is perfect for an ethically guilt free picnic! Our Marrakesh print cups are so colourful and vibrant. Perfect for thirsty kiddos and no breakage worries! Our ‘New In’ Bamboo cutlery is so chic and fun and comes in two fabulous colours!

The polar bears will thank you!




Wrapping up

Summer evenings can get a little chilly especially  as they begin to draw in. A scarf can really be the perfect accessory to take you from day to night. Perfect for keeping the sun off shoulders during the day time and the midges and goose pimples at bay as the sun goes down. What a multi tasker! We just love The Pom Pom Star Trim Scarf. It comes in three neutral colours so it’s super versatile whilst the pom poms add a little dash of fun. The perfect addition to every outfit!





Face Masks

We know it’s a subject everyone is a little bored of talking about but health and safety is still paramount when out and about! If you are taking your picnic to a public space why not invest in one of our gorgeous, reusable facemasks that have only just arrived from Jaipur. They’re soft, comfortable and come in an incredible assortment of colours and prints!

Who said Covid can’t be chic?!




The perfect picnic?

Let’s be honest, picnics aren’t always perfect. Sometimes the sandwiches are gritty or we get pestered by a very persistent angry wasp. Sometimes we bicker loading up the car or over who gets the last piece of cake. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it rains even harder…  But picnics are all about making memories, so load up your munchkins, the husband and the dog and get out there!

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