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August 27, 2020


Bringing The Outside In


There's no denying that 2020 has been one weird year! Now that most of us have been allowed out on day release from our home prisons we've come to really appreciate the outdoor world and all it's splendours. With summer now coming to an end, we look towards those cosy, shorter days and think of ways we can incorporate all we love from the outside world into our homes.

Here's just a few of our ideas!


Natural materials

It might be just me but when I think of cosy, autumnal days, I think of a warm room and a soft, fluffy carpet underfoot! Having only ever lived in very drafty, period properties, this has got to be a figment entirely of my imagination- never the less, we at Aurina love the juxoposition of our jute rug with a cosy sheepskin rug thrown over the top! This combination of natural fabrics feels great underfoot and looks so chic together!

And whilst we're getting cosy, why not settle down onto one of our Giant Sheepskin Beanbags? Word to the wise, they're so comfortable you may never want to get up again!








Snuggle up!

For the very ultimate in cosy autumn feels, why not treat yourself to one of these absolutely fabulous Tiipii Beds! Great in the garden with a glass of wine whilst enjoying the last of the summer warmth or bring it inside and give your home a cosy little reading or chill out zone!



Basketry is a serious trend right now and we just love them at Aurina! Woven baskets are fab multi-taskers. Use them for storage, house plants or get creative! Our African Woven Baskets are particularly perfect for throwing car keys in at the end of a busy day- great if like us your home has a key monster!

Whilst we're on the topic of storage, let's just take a moment to show some love for our recycled Apple Box Seat! Perfect for kicking off the wellies after a hard day playing about in the autumn leaves!


Cosy Fabrics

Green and neutrals don't have to feel cold! Throw a floral print into the mix to give a grown up softness and warmth. Our Peony and Vintage Rose prints are both elegant and cosy!


Fancy Foliage

Indoor plants are no longer a 70's office throwback, in fact they are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in and a huge 2020 autumn trend!

And why stop there? We absolutely love this Antique Bronze Cheeseplant Leaf! What a gorgeously sophisticated accessory to any room! Similarly, this Green Stone Artichoke Flower Votive is a great alternative to a plant or succulent. Particularly good if like me, you have a penchant for killing all things green!


Aroma Therapy

And finally, why be done with your home just looking wonderfully green when it can smell fantastically fragrant too? Our Bay, Laurel and Lime candle is so fabulously fresh and zesty or try our Vine Tomato Plant Candle for warm greenhouse vibes!

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