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December 02, 2015

Poor old winter sometimes gets overlooked when people start talking about the seasons.  Spring has its showy daffodils and tulips while autumn has its amazing coloured leaf show.  Summer has the heat of the sun and the chance to go to the beach.  But there are lots of reasons why we love winter and here are a few of them!

Keeping warm

Keeping warm may sound like a negative part of winter but can easily be turned into something fun – and a great excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of gloves!  One of the biggest problems with gloves can be the lack of feeling or the inability to use a touch screen phone or tablet when wearing them.  But by choosing a pair of Fur Trimmed Fingerless Gloves, this problem goes away.  Made with a soft fleece and trimmed with fur, they come in a range of fun colours and their fingerless design makes fiddly jobs simple.

Getting into bed at night when it is cold can be another less than pleasant winter experience that can be turned into something much nicer.  By using a hot water bottle, you can preheat the bed to make it warm and cosy for you and the Nellie Mini Hot Water Bottle is a size that works for kids beds as well as adults so one less reason for them to put off bedtime.

Enjoying the snow

There’s something magical about snow falling during day or night – the way everything seems to go quiet and the sounds of the world seem to fade away.  There’s nothing better than sitting in the conservatory or at a window and watch the world turn white.  Add a soft and snuggly Fleece Blanket to the mix with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and all the cares of the world just seem to float away like a snowflake on the breeze.

When it is cold and the snow is on the ground, it can sometimes be good to remind ourselves that the warm times will come again and a Botanical Candle is one way to do this.  The cinnamon spice is a particular favourite scent for the reason, creating a warm and cosy feeling with both its light and smell.  Scented candles are also great to enjoy in the bathroom after trekking through the snow to get home with the warmth of the water and relaxing scent causing all feelings of cold to drift away.

Seasonal foods

One of the best foods for winter lunches or warming snacks are soups and there are plenty of seasonal foods that can be made into great meals.  Sweet potato and butternut squash are two vegetables that go together particularly well.  To make your own, take 1 squash and 1 sweet potato along with 2 carrots, 6 shallots and 1 fennel.  Prepare them all and slice them then add to a pan of water along with a vegetable stock cube and a clove of garlic.  Cook until soft then allow to cool before blending for a smooth soup or serve chunky.

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