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November 25, 2015

There’s a noticeable tip in the air these last few days that remind us for all that this time of year can be kind, it can also be cruel.  Keeping warm this winter is more than just giving into the season – you are more likely to fight off bugs if you keep yourself warm and feeling well.  So what are the top tips to achieve this both in and out of the house?

Going outdoors

Fur Pom Pom Hats

The single biggest loss of heat we experience is through our head so there is simply no better solution than wearing a hat.  Woollen hats are a popular choice and don’t need to look boring and functional, as the Fur Pom Pom and Scarf Set shows.  This set includes a knitted hat with a brim as well as a big fur pom pom that looks great and helps.  The matching scarf is another important measure – coats often leave the throat area bare so a scarf is essential to help combat this.

Even stylish scarfs can still help keep you warm, as shown with the Aurina Cashmere and Fur Trimmed Wrap.  This is a beautiful cashmere wrap that has a print added to it and then trimmed with recycled soft racoon fur.  It is 200 cm in length so is ideal for those knotted styles that look trendy and help keep the neck extra warm.

Don’t forget gloves to complete the cold protection – if your hands feel cold, it has a habit of spreading through your entire body!

Staying indoors

Warm drinks are one of the keys to keeping warm and are a great boost when you first come in from the cold.  Hot chocolate is a real boost drink that warms you through and tastes heavenly.  If you prefer to make your own than use a ready-mixed one, take 125ml of double cream and the same of semi-skimmed milk along with 100g of your favourite dark chocolate.  Break the chocolate into pieces then heat the cream and milk in a pan without boiling it.  Pour the cream mix into the bowl and stir until mixed before serving.

If you are having guests, then mulled wine is another warming drink to serve.  To make your own, take a cinnamon stick, grated nutmeg, an orange and a dried bay leaf.  Add them to a saucepan with a bottle of red wine and 60 grams of demerara sugar.  Heat until the sugar dissolves and test to see if it is sweet enough.  Pour into glasses and enjoy.

When you settle down the watch the TV, keeping warm is still important.  One very luxurious way to do it is with a Giant Sheepskin Bean Bag.  Made from soft sheepskin, these beanbags conform to your shape for maximum comfort and are very warm.  They can also be moved around the house to use wherever you need it.

Fleece or wool blankets are another idea to help add a layer and keep your temperature up.  There’s something very cosy about wrapping up in a blanket and watching the snow fall with a mug of hot chocolate – a real winter’s treat!

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