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Have a Scent-sational Christmas

October 21, 2015


Christmas Decor

When it comes to preparing the house for Christmas, there are many considerations.  From the size and type of the Christmas tree to the decorating of the table for Christmas dinner, there can be a lot to think about.  Some of the subtle elements that should also be considered are the effect of scents that can add to the room and evoke memories, or have a calming effect.  So how do you go about choosing the perfect scent for your rooms for Christmas?

Scented candles

Perhaps one of the most frequently used methods to bring a scent to a room is to burn a scented candle.  Picking the best scent for your room is a twofold job.  The first is about what works for the room and the second is about what you like – after all it can be the perfect scent in theory but if you don’t like the smell, it won’t do its job.

Citrus tones are popular for many rooms around the house because they are known for their cleansing smell, as well as improving both mood and concentration.  The Citrus Grove Candle is a perfect example of a simple and clean looking candle that has a great balance of citrus and bergamot.  The resulting scent is one that works for men as well as women while its white colour means it can work with any room décor.

Candles and Diffusers to make your Home Smell Sensational


Diffusers are a flame free option to scent a room that are ideal if there are kids around or if you want the benefit of the scent at all times.  Diffusers work through the reeds inserted into the bottle that soak up the oils and diffuse them into the room making for a light and gentle scent.

One modern scent that comes from an unexpected source is the Fresh Fig Diffuser.  The scent of figs has been described as a modern classic, a warm and rich scent with green undertones that works in a variety of rooms.  The diffuser has a simple design that works in modern and traditional themed rooms and will last for a minimum of three months once activated.

Other ways to scent

Candles and diffusers aren’t the only way to add a gentle scent to a room.  Linen sprays are a popular choice that freshen up the bedding between changes and can mask the smells that accumulate around beds.  It also means the bed smells fresh and wonderful when you come to lie down at night.

Sandalwood Soap

Scented soaps are another benefit – they make the skin feel great but also scent the room.  One option for a unisex smell is to use a men’s soap such as the Sandalwood Soap.  This has a warm, woody scent that works for the man’s skin and also leaves the bathroom smelling like the sun-kissed forest.

Finally, flowers are one of the traditional ways to make a room smell great and nowadays there are often quite a long life-span on many bouquets.  Pick flowers that work well in the rooms in both their scent and appearance for a harmonious look or go for a seasonal special that brings back memories of Christmas past.

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