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December 02, 2020

December 2nd

For me, today might be the greatest gift of all- it's the day we can finally reopen our shop doors and gosh how we've missed you! Just as before, we've taken all the safety precautions to make sure our customers are as safe as can be in our shops, but we also appreciate that some of you will still be feeling a little apprehensive about being out and about!
You've all been so incredible at continuing to support small independent businesses online this year and for that we couldn't be more grateful! We know that sometimes you just want a real life shopping hit though! If you or someone you know is desperate to hit the racks but is worried about Christmas crowds, why not book a 15 min private shopping session? we'll close our doors and you can have the shop floor to yourselves for a panic free perusal!

Just give one of our shops a call an arrange a time!

With Love,
Aurina x

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