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December 01, 2020

December 1st

Pinch, punch it's the first of the month and my absolutely favourite month at that!!
To paraphrase Slade- 'It's (nearly) Christmas!!!!' and after what has been a difficult year all round I think we all deserve to feel a little bit merry and whole lot bright!
This year I'm going to countdown to Christmas with short blog post a day which can act as an advent calendar/gift guide to help you find the perfect pressie for all your loved ones (and maybe even a cheeky something for yourself!- hey, you deserve it!)

Today is Giving Tuesday and letting someone know you're thinking of them with a thoughtful gift can make your day a little brighter too! I love sending (and receiving) flowers but sometimes the illusion is ruined if all you have to put them in is the car washing bucket! This gorgeous Green Glass Vase has been a firm favourite with my lovely Aurina customers for years. Would look simply gorgeous with some festive red, white and green foliage! The perfect gift!

With Love,
Aurina x

Green Glass Vase - Aurina Ltd

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