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December 23, 2015


Your busy holiday season doesn't have to be stressful. Despite the chilly weather and snow shuffled into the hallway, you cherish the time with family and friends. Peals of laughter ring throughout the house as you and your relatives' children sit by a warm fireplace, and piping hot cups of cocoa warm every bit of you. However, hosting a party can get expensive. Relax! We've got you covered with some affordable holiday decorations that will have your home dressed to impress.


Thermidor Table Mats

 Your perfect New Year's dinner starts with the right table mats, and not just any will do. You want something that's fun but not too fancy. After all, you're not hosting the Queen this holiday season. Our Thermidor table mats are just the ticket to impressing your guests. Made from high quality melamime and backed with baise, these mats are decorated with a few cheeky lobsters that will fit right in with any décor. We even have a set of matching coasters to go with them!


Lobster Crackers

 Tradition dictates that crackers are presented to all guests on New Year's Eve. What kind of New Year's would it be if you didn't have the chance to break a cracker open with a loud bang and spray of confetti? You'll simply love our handmade lobster crackers. They'll go perfectly with your Thermidor table mats and matching coasters. Lobster patterns are a big hit this season, and your table is going to be trend chic.



Vintage Floral Mugs

 You may have brewed the perfect cuppa, but what are you going to put it in? Not just any old mug will do. You need something a little more pleasant than the plain color mugs in your cupboard. Why not use our vintage floral mugs this New Year's? This best selling set has been a favorite of ours for many years and has a lovely vintage flower design that sports a modern edge. You can even use them for holiday gifts for your friends by purchasing our Christmas Chocs package, which includes your mug of choice and some tasty treats.


Fur Pom-Pom Hat

 Prepare to feel cozy. Our fur pom-pom hats are the very definition of warm. Made from a mix of wool and viscose, the hat's pom-pom is composed entirely of raccoon fur. The material is itch-free and will keep your head toasty as you watch the New Year's fireworks from your balcony (hopefully with a cuppa in your vintage floral mug). There are over 20 colors to choose from to suit any taste. The pom-pom is easily removed for washing the hat. You'll enjoy the winter weather as the pom-pom hat protects your head and keeps you shiver-free!

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