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April 09, 2020

In these extraordinary times we are all at home and I for one need to feel the aesthetic to feel happy. I don't know about you but I need to have beauty around me to lift my spirits so I've been trawling back through images taken at home over the past few months all featuring one jug.   The jug in question is the Hetty Hare Large Jug and it  has been styled in different ways with beautiful lilies but also with cow parsley cut from the verge and pheasant feathers found in the garden.  The seasons are changing and all around us and there is beauty in nature that we can use to bring life into our homes. 

While fresh flowers always fill a home with life we can just as easily use other items to style something.  I am lucky to be based in the countryside where there is lots of greenery in the garden and plants coming up but we also have hydrangeas that are dried from last summer and if you look around you can find things in your home to fill your jug. I also like it on it's own!

The first image here is a traditional farmhouse style a beautiful old beamed room, the fire lit and a jug full of Cow Parsley fresh from the verge! Cow Parsley tends be out in bloom from end of April to early May. It doesn't last long when cut but I think it is one of my favourite flowers!

The next image is of the jug featuring some almost over tulips and willow. While these tulips are almost past their best I adore the way they are falling and the height of the jug allows them to be supported enough. Here the jug is sitting in a more neutral home setting featuring a hand painted Aurina lamp and a simple grey palette.  The paint here is Zoffany.

The next picture features the jug on a kitchen windowsill it is flanked by pots of herbs but the jug itself does is not filled with fresh flowers just a couple of pheasant feathers picking up the tones in the terracotta and creating a colour contrast with the lightness of the bone china.

The final image is more classic. Overflowing with huge opened lilies, greenery and something that looks like viburnum (do let me know if you know what the other flower is) set against the classic grey neutral hallway tones. Simply elegant.


I hope this gives you a little inspiration for different themes you can easily create yourself with one jug! From farmhouse style to a cooler cleaner classic style. 

Large Hetty Hare Jug


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