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April 25, 2020

As I write this we are on day 33 of lock down in the UK. For those of us lucky enough not to have had any unwell family members that has not meant full isolation but for those who have they have possibly spent at least 14 days in full isolation.  I still can't quite believe that we as a world and nation find ourselves in this extraordinary situation but we do and it seems that life as we knew it before Covid 19 will not return for some time yet.   So with this in mind I have put together some ideas for gifting during Lock down.  Birthdays, memorable and special occasions are still happening during lock down the days keep ticking on and there have been many celebrating during this time.   Our desire to mark a celebration with a gift is still there, perhaps even more so now to ensure that loved ones still feel loved even though we cannot celebrate with them in person.   

My eldest celebrated his 12th birthday on day 7 of lock down and we were lucky that presents were delivered and we spent a family day together with cake and birthday trimmings - I am about to spend my 40th birthday in lock down and and rather delighted that I might be able to skip that birthday and stay 39 for another year!!

So below I've put together some ideas for gifting for loved ones and friends.  Aurina is still very much a small business and as such there is just one person picking and packing - Me! I am gift wrapping, hand writing cards, doing all I can to make that gift as special as ever for those who cannot get out to send gifts.  There is no need to do two lots of posting just let us know what you would like me to add in terms of cards and wrap and I will do it all for you. 


Gifts for Ladies

Bamboo Style Initial Necklace - £10.00

Nautical Stripe Personalized Wash Bag £13.00

Aurina Dachsie Apron


Gifts for Him


Choose To Chill Garden Chair


Gifts for the Kids



Glow in the dark laces!

Glitter Hairbands


And Finally - we can send gift vouchers via email straight away - no hanging around just a straightforward email allowing your loved ones the gift of choice!


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