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October 20, 2020

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year-  

A Low-key Christmas Part I 


As we venture into the cooler months of 2020, our minds can't help but wander towards Christmas. Just what will it look like this year? Will we still cram into chilly little country churches, sing carols at the top of our lungs (often in a vast variety of keys), share a kiss under the mistletoe at the office Christmas party? Perhaps not...  

So, what will this new normal be? Christmas shared with dorm rooms perhaps? With colleagues? Maybe even a new relationship?  

With more people than ever planning a 'low key Christmas' this means more people taking the reins with Christmas dinner, with decorating the home, with choosing the gifts- perhaps even making some gifts themselves!  

In this two-part blog post we want to share everything we at Aurina love to do to feel festive in the build up to Christmas. We'll share gift ideas, decoration schemes, as well as family loved recipes and crafting tips for keeping your little ones busy throughout the Christmas period.  


It's Beginning to Smell a lot Like Christmas 

That Christmas feeling often comes far before you see a fairy light or hear Michael Bublé on the radio (although this can often be a good few weeks before December)...  

A smell is often enough to take you right back to Christmases past and that's what we at Aurina love about our gorgeous Festive Firelighters. The warming scent will fill your home with notes of cinnamon, dried orange and pine. So snuggle up and enjoy the nostalgia. 

 No open fire? No worries! Our Aurina scented candles and diffusers also come in a variety of Christmassy scents. Pop into store and find your favorite!  



Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire 

Talking of Christmassy smells, nothing beats chestnuts roasting on an open fire! Our Chestnut Roasting Pan was a huge favorite last year, wonderfully charming with a festive message on the handle- don't miss out!  


 Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly 

Is it even Christmas if you haven't sat for two and a half hours detangling fairy lights?! Whether you're of the tradition of putting up the tree on December 1st, December 24th or anything in between, decorating the home can feel so Christmassy.  

And more than ever before, more and more of us are looking at making our Christmases sustainable. Less excess, less plastic, less waste. I personally love the look of gorgeously unique, mismatched Christmas decorations. Heavy glass baubles, gorgeous beaded bird and angel decorations, Christmassy treasures you'll enjoy year after year!  



Perhaps you even want to have a go at making your own Christmas decorations! Last Christmas crafting homemade decorations was a big hit at Aurina HQ. The kiddies loved making their own decorations and getting to hang them from the tree! They make awesome gifts for Grandparents and Godparents too! Hours of glittery fun!  

Crafting is also a great way to unwind and engage in some gentle mindfulness at what can sometimes be a stressful time of year. These are a few of our favourites! 

Remember, crafting with kiddies is always going to be messy- we're still finding glitter almost a year later- so protect their clothes with one of our charming Aurina Print Kids Aprons!  



Nellie Sage and Stone Kids Apron - Aurina Ltd


Santa Baby 

After what has been a very surreal year, we all know someone who deserves a very special gift. Whether it's a key worker who's barely had a day off this year or a mum who's also had to become a teacher to three different key stages; our two shops are JAM PACKED with goodies so you can find something for everyone! Perhaps a Super soft Reversible Cashmere Wrap for mum, one of our gorgeous Aurina Print Tea Sets for Auntie Suzie or one of our incredibly funky Split Woven Belts for Cousin Ben!  





Pretty Paper 

One of my favorite parts of the build up to Christmas is wrapping the presents! A glass of wine in hand and some festive tunes playing in the background- it can be such a lovely way to spend an evening. I absolutely adore our beautiful Merry Go Round Gift Wrap- works incredibly well with all our Winter Crush Roll gift wraps so mix and match! 



 I'll be Home for Christmas 

With more of us than ever planning on staying home this year, there's never been a better time to indulge in a little home retail therapy! Our gorgeously rustic furniture range is the perfect addition to any home this Christmas. So whether we'll be able to have the whole family round or just a select few, make sure you're enjoying your Christmas dinner from our fabulous Large Mahogany Tresle Table!  

If it's mood lighting you're after, this charming Mahogany Turned Candle Stick set are just the ticket! They work in any style home and create such a lovely ambience!  

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