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Spring Beach Picnic

April 13, 2015

On Friday I was lucky enough to spend a warm afternoon on the beach with my 3 bambinos. Relishing the early spring warmth whilst they frolicked in their swimmers believe it or not (I know it's hard when picturing North Norfolk in April). We cockled and splashed and built sand castles and made me think of all those summer days ahead and those long beach picnics that would be happening soon!

So I mentally packed the all terrain buggy - essential with three children and all their clobber on the beach


First things first! Our beautiful roll up beach rugs that are totally washable and wipeable etc and  a couple of our scatter cushions for numb bums!



Quickly followed by endless towels, towelling hoodies, the newspaper, arm bands, buckets, spades etc etc... and then the food!!!

Our favourite beaching picnics involve chipolatas on sticks, stuffed pitta breads with delish homemade mackerel pate or oozing with jamon serrano and some tomato and a drizzle of olive oil, batons of cucumber and carrot and home made hoummus or guacamole, a large cool thermos of cucumber water a chilled bottle of white wine and some elderflower cordial for the children.  Finished off with some home made chocolate brownies and a cup of tea from the beach shed!!!

We rarely give in to ice cream on the beach and normally reserve this treat for the end of the day when the children are all tired and hungry for the next meal and hope that the ice creams with flake of course will keep the wolf from the door until our return home. 


Aurina is a Norfolk based brand and as such we are super lucky to have full access to the beach at all times of the year we love it just as much on those cold rainy days when full coat, boots, hats and gloves are needed as we do on the blissful summer afternoons when you can lounge and play for hours and hours.


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