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Autumnal decorating ideas

October 15, 2014

As the nights begin to draw in and the weather changes everything begins to feel a little drab and tired (well it certainly does at my kitchen table) so we have put our thoughts into how to create a stylish and beautiful home during the autumn months.

With Halloween just around the corner the shops are filled with plastic ghouls and spiders and other unimaginable items but why spend your pennies on plastic why not look to nature for some simple but stunning ideas.

A mix of candle light and the warm rich colours of pumpkins and other pretty and even ugly squash along with some greenery from the hedgerows is a much more gentle and elegant way to style your home over the next couple of weeks whilst the ghouls are out!

We have been hunting around for images and have found a few we love! Why not make a mini broom stick and hang it on your front door or fill a windowsill with candles,  don't forget to add in a couple of our beautifully fragranced ones so your home smells and looks beautiful.

Take inspiration from the colours of the leaves earthy reds and browns.  Perhaps pick the best ones that aren't soggy and muddy and make a garland of Autumn leaves (something to fill a morning in half term) take some rough garden twine for a rustic look and a plastic needle and the kids will be happy threading away!

Fill a glass vase with mini squash or even make a pumpkin into a vase by hollowing out the middle and popping an old baked bean can in and fill with beautiful flowers!

Find an old frosted bottle and fill with led lights and decorate with black string and pictures of ghosts and ghouls!

Why not move away from the bowl of Haribos to a bowl of hand dipped toffee apples or even mini cup cakes...

There are so many ways to make your house a home without spending a fortune you just need to look around and take inspiration from the season.

We would love to see some of your homes decorated for Autumn and Halloween..

Here are a few pics that we found inspirational at Aurina HQ.


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